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The Total Runner's Log - third edition

The Total Runner‘s Log - third edition

ISBN: 1-887565-04-3
AUTHOR: Dr. Sharon Svensson

The Total Runner's Log is a comprehensive 102-page fitness manual and logbook, specifically for runners. Light-weight and easy-to-carry, it's a daily training companion, which is useful every day of the year. Conforming to the latest advances in exercise physiology, it's an indispensable, year-round information source and record keeper. The latest log features an undated 53-week logbook, as well as training and racing secrets of top running authorities. This little book will teach you how to:

  • Run faster
  • Live healthier
  • Avoid overtraining
  • Run effective intervals
  • Develop racing strategies
  • Prevent burn-out and injury
  • Improve your speed and endurance
  • Avoid dehydration in training and racing
  • Pace for 5 km, 10 km and marathon races

What Others Say:

"As runners we deal constantly with the issues of whether to go hard or easy, long or short, or whether to train or rest. This book captures the essence of running in a concise and easy to read format. It is a great book."
- Ann Trason, 14-time Winner of The Western States Endurance Run

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The Total Triathlon Almanac - 5

The Total Triathlon Almanac - 5

ISBN: 1-887565-05-1
AUTHOR: Svensson, Tony

The Total Triathlon Almanac-5 is a comprehensive logbook and a basic training primer. Building on the four earlier standard-setting editions, it is light weight and "pared down to the bones"-a flexible year-long training companion.

The almanac saves time for the experienced athlete. For the newer participant, it is a foundation for establishing a successful program which conforms to current advances in exercise physiology, training and race preparation. For all, it is an indispensable year-round organizer, record keeper and information source.

The weekly log pages now have TWICE the room to write, 108 in all.

Includes motivational full-page color pictures of world-class triathletes in full racing action by the Official Ironman Photographer.

You will learn from world class triathletes and triathlon authorities how to:

  • Prevent burnout and injury
  • Live healthier and race faster
  • Design key heart rate monitor workouts
  • Improve your strength, speed and endurance
  • Prepare, taper and peak for a race of any distance
  • Assemble the building blocks of an annual training program that includes:
    • Base training
    • Interval work
    • Peaking and tapering
    • Off-season and mid-season recoveries
  • Develop a mental training program called "Mind Power" (Mark Allen's most well-guarded secret)

Contributors include:

  • Mark Allen, a six-time winner of the Ironman World Championship
  • Eric Bean, an Ironman World Championship age group winner, a 2003 Collegiate National Champion and Stanford University Triathlon Team coach
  • Thomas Hellriegel, a multiple Ironman winner, including the Ironman World Championship
  • Joy Leutner (nee Hansen), a former world-class Olympic distance triathlete
  • Dr. Phil Maffetone, nutrition coach to numerous top athletes
  • Paula Newby-Fraser, an eight-time winner of the Ironman World Championship and, until recently, the only woman to break nine hours in Kona; has achieved an incomprehensible 24 career Ironman victories across the globe
  • Seppo Nuuttila, former coach of the Finnish National Track & Field Team and several Olympic and professional endurance athletes, including rowers, runners and triathletes
  • Dave Scott, a six-time winner of the Ironman World Championship

The Total Triathlon Almanac - 4

The Total Triathlon Almanac - 4

ISBN: 1-887565-01-9
AUTHOR: Tony Svensson
PUBDATE: August 1998

The fourth edition in the triathlon almanac series features stunning full-page race action photographs by The Official Ironman Photographer. The almanac is a comprehensive 164-page logbook and training primer. Building on the three earlier, highly successful and standard-setting almanacs, it is light-weight and "pared down to the bones." Features detailed training and racing information from the world's best triathletes, including Mark Allen and Paula Newby-Fraser.

Also introduces a scientific method for determining training loads, REQ.

Special Features of the Fourth Edition:

  • Undated 55-week logbook
  • Over 20 percent more room to write

Training and racing advice from the following world class triathletes:

Learn how to:

  • Prepare for a triathlon of any distance
  • Plan your training and racing year
  • Peak before a race
  • Prevent burn-out and injury

Also has:

  • An in-depth chapter on common types of injuries, how to avoid them and what to do should you become injured
  • A superior method for avoiding flats and fixing them during a race
  • Tips for using periodisation the way top triathletes do
  • A method for running intervals using a heart rate monitor