2001 Ironman World Championship Photo Essay

Photos: Bakke-Svensson/WTC

Under partly cloudy skies, the field is let go at precisely 07:00.

A view from across the bay reveals the size of the field and how quickly it spreads out. And best of all, many can still brag that they were only a few minutes behind the eventual winner of the race.

The eventual winner, Tim DeBoom of Boulder, Colorado, near the Scenic Point on the way back from Kawaihae.

The Ironman course record holder Luc van Lierde of Belgium a few miles from Kona town is caked with his own body’s salt. Not a good foundation for a solid marathon.

Sure enough, once in the transition, Luc’s legs are cramping up, big time. He starts the run, but is soon forced to drop out of the race.

Run course record holder and winner in 1999, Lori Bowden, early in the run working herself up the field on Alii Drive. Lori would eventually finish in second place behind Natascha Badmann from Switzerland.

Taking it one step at a time, Tim DeBoom improves on his third place in 1999 and his second place in 2000 to finally win the big one in 8:31:17.

Tim is flanked by second place finisher Cameron Brown from New Zealand and third place finisher Thomas Hellriegel from Germany (the winner in 1997).

Natascha Badmann wins her third title in Hawaii in 9:28:37.

Without sponsors and volunteers, this race would not happen.

Sister Madonna Buder from Spokane, WA showing good form and good spirit as she runs through Kailua town.

Age group runner on Queen K as the sun is setting.

Even the best laid plans...

Julie Moss at the finish line. Except for the founders John & Judy Collins, Julie is the single most important triathlete in Ironman history. Her second place finish and battle against hope and reason in the February 1982 race is epic, forever part of Ironman lore. Seconds before she reached the finish line, and crawling on all four, she was passed by the race winner Kathleen McCartney.